Flush cut the extra wire or cord to the crimp

Buying jewellery from a retailer can be expensive and also it may be difficult to find the exact piece that you want.The easy way to solve this problem and save you some money is by making your own jewellery that you will love, creating the exact style, shape and cut that you want.As well as saving you money, it can also be a great way to tap into your creative side and could be a great way to take the stress out of present buying as creating jewellery for friends and family couldn’t be easier. If you are feeling especially adventurous, designing your own jewellery could be a great way to earn some extra cash, or to start a fully operational business of your own.The first thing that you will need is your materials to make sure you are prepared. To make beaded jewellery you will need the following; beads, 2 tubular-shaped or circular crimp beds, spring ring clasp, wire or cord for threading the beads, scissors or wire cutters, tweezers and a bead board.

If you haven’t got a bead board then you can use any work space that is free from clutter.You can purchase all the above from any good jewellery making supplies shop, probably the best place is online. You will need all of the equipment to ensure your jewellery is the best quality can be.The next thing to do is decide on a design, choose something simple if you are a beginner then as you get more confident go for something a bit more creative.Next thing to do is place your beads on the bead board in the desired length then align the cord alongside it, leaving 2-3 inches of wire or cord extra at each end.Once you have done this, attach the crimp beads to the wire or cord by taking one end of the cord and passing it through one crimp bead.

Then take the same end of the cord and pass it through the crimp bead to create a small loop that the clasp will hook onto later.Then, place the crimp bead in one of the oval-shaped slots of the crimping piles and compress the pliers firmly. Now turn the crimp bead over on its side and place it in the other slot of the crimp pliers (the one closest to its nose). Once again, compress the handles of the pliers firmly so that the crimp bead will assume a rounded shape.Flush cut the extra wire or cord to the crimp bead, or keep a little extra length to thread a few beads to hide the exposed wire or cord.That’s the hardest part over, to make your jewellery take shape, thread the beads from the other end of the cord then attach the spring clasp buy inserting the end of the cord.You are nearly done, finally either cut the end of the cord or hide it using a few beads.So there you have a beautiful new piece of jewellery that has cost you a lot less than what you would buy in the shops.

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